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Saish Menon

Subwich App

The Subwich Shop



The Subwich app is a kiosk application for an imaginary sub shop called the "Subwich Shop". It has been designed to work on iPad kiosks found on tables at restaurants. This app was designed using rapid prototyping. The various research, wireframing, testing carried out  for prototyping the app are as follows.



  • Usability

Foodies looking to buy/order a sub should be able to use this app with ease. Easy navigation

  • Accessibility

Will be available at all tables in the subwich shop for anyone to use.

  • Returning Customers

Users can login with their accounts and reorder a favorite or a past order.

  • Appearance

Designing something that is appealing as well usable to people of all age groups. Not intimidate but attract people to check it out.

User Feedback

Out of the 8 people, who were interviewed: 

  • 80% wanted customized subs.
  • 60% liked to order the same sub and drink combo every day.
  • 90% didn’t like waiting in line.
  • 85% wanted to use kiosks to order food.

How do people order food using a kiosk at Panera Bread?

  • Expectations from the observational Study
    • Usability of the App
    • User Frustrations/Difficulties
  • Type of Observation Carried out
    • Naturalistic Observation
  • What were the customers observed for?
    • Ease of ordering
    • How many use the kiosk
    • Problems/Difficulties they ran into while using it to order
  • Potential Use of Data Collected?
    • For designing a new app.
  • User goals
    • Order customized sandwiches without waiting in line
    • Self-service (for the most part)
    • Easy payment
    • Add/order sides or refills
  • Business goals
    • Reduce the labor cost
    • Paid adds and make extra money through games and other sorts of entertainment
    • Accept easy payment
    • Increase sides (Drinks/Desserts) Sales
  • To order
    • The customer walks up to the kiosk
    • Chooses the food kind of food item that he wants
    • Chooses the sides (Drinks or refills)
    • Order Review
    • The user also has to type in a pager number
    • Make Payment
    • After the payment was made, the customer had to keep the pager with him at the table until he is served with his order.
  • After placing the order
    • The pager had to be taken with the customer to the table.
    • There was a number at each table.
    • The pager interacts with the number on the table to let the customer service know where the customers were sitting.
  • Things that were easy to do
    • Edit an order
    • Review an order – The order review was very informative and had the option to edit the order if necessary.
  • Images
 Panera Bread Kiosk and Pager.

Panera Bread Kiosk and Pager.


 Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis


Moodborad 2


Colors 1
Colors 2

Typeface Used


User Personas


Empathy Maps

Empathy Map2-01.png
Empathy Map1.png




Design Brief2-30.png


Wireframes_Subwich App

Usability Testing

Design Brief2-36.png
Design Brief2-37.png

High-fidelity Screens

High-fidelity Screens

Interactive Prototype