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Saish Menon

Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peeks are some of the random things that I work on based on different design motivations and inspirations.

Book Themed Website Design

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What if websites could be designed like a book and allowed people to publish books as websites?

As part of a case study that I am doing, I've been trying to come up with ideas for website designs that would allow people to write/publish books in the form of websites by making it very interactive and intuitive.

It all started with this thought - "what if people who can't afford to publish books be able to write books online using a website template that is very similar but in many ways more interactive than an actual book."

Some of the features that this website template would include are: 

1. Feature to bookmark a page (not the browser bookmark but within the website itself so, the next time the reader visits the website, he can retrieve the page that he was last reading). 
2. Feature to instantly get to the next chapter, previous chapter and/or any random chapter. 
3. Feature to search for a word, phrase sentence etc. in the entire website and not just the page displayed at the time. 
4. Last and certainly not the least, a functionality that lets users get to a particular page within a chapter.

Check out the prototype below